Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last Week's Surgery

 At our routine pediatrician visit our doctor noticed Ollie's head was growing faster than normal. We saw a series of doctors in the upcoming week, and decided his shunt was blocked. We scheduled surgery for the following week. His symptoms increased and we had to move the surgery earlier. We tried a different procedure with hopes of not needing a shunt in the future, but unexpected circumstances made it impossible. They instead replaced the catheter of his shunt. We have been surprised how quickly his personality has changed back to his curious, active self.
 This was our first time in the big-kids unit instead of the infant unit.
We spent a couple of days at the hospital.
 It took 5 hours longer than expected to be discharged, so we were working hard to stay entertained. We went on lots of walks. We appreciated that they allowed us to go wireless often.
 We have missed these cuddles since Ollie was a newborn, so we enjoyed the times he wanted to sleep in our arms instead of his bed.
Oliver loved all of the gadgets throughout the room. Here he is with the ear thermometer.