Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer time!

Oliver is learning and growing so much right now. Matthew and I always talk about how you can see the wheels turning in his head. He is increasing his sign language vocabulary and actually beginning to say words other than "da-da" and "ma-ma." He has been saying "yeah" for awhile now, but I was never really sure if he understood the context...until now. Whenever I ask him a question he responds with a "yeah." He is also saying "up" as he climbs the stairs or gets to the top of the slide. He signs to communicate his needs and wants, and has learned that "please" really is a magic word that melts our hearts every time.

Our little boy is a real copy-cat. He loves learning by watching our every move. This has forced us to be very aware of how we do things. He refuses to eat with baby utensils, so he just uses what we use. He loves to blow his nose (or breath heavily into tissues).

He is now very mobile. He has a walker that helps him go independently and loves cruising in it.

One of his favorite activities is to go climb up and down stairs. We have to do this all the time. I took him to one of the local museums and all he wanted to do was climb the stairs of the building.

Now that the weather is hot our favorite activity is to go to the water park. Ollie loves cruising through the pool in his walker or watching all the kids fly out of the slide.

We are having lots of fun and really enjoying ourselves together!

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  1. What a cute boy you have! I just heard about his surgery, we are keeping him (and you) in our prayers!