Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lots of Pictures!

I finally got around to uploading pictures from the camera. There is a LOT of ones that made me giggle, so I thought I would share them. Here you go!
 After we put the hardware on the cabinets, it took Ollie a total of 2 minutes to discover he could get into the cabinets. We then went out and bought safety locks.
 Saturday morning bran muffin. Always a treat to walk to the bakery with daddy!
 Playing with the buttons while waiting for the ophthalmologist.
 Give me the camera, mom!

 Walking on his own!
 Love his overalls :)
 Halloween Costumes!

 He loves being just like daddy! This is him putting on Matthew's socks.
 He likes to lounge into the couch and drink his milk.

Eating tomatoes with Grandma! He loves going outside to eat, throw, and squish them.

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  1. Love all of the pictures!! I'm so sorry we haven't seen you guys in forever. Yes we are still alive, but Mitch has been swamped with school. we will come visit soon, in the mean time don't let Ollie get any bigger. He is growing up too fast.